Childhood and Adolescent Obesity an Alarming Concern

Childhood and Adolescent Obesity an Alarming Concern


Like you guys know I run a fitness center. So most of my afternoons are fairly free on my way home for lunch one afternoon, I spotted a group of school kids. I would say they seemed to be in the seventh or probably eight standard. they were a group of five of five and what caught my concern was all of them categorized as obese, all of them had shown fully matured bodies and probably weighed about 60+ KG’s and that’s close to about 130-140 Pounds now this might not sound alarming to a lot of families cause they think their child is “Healthy”


When i recollect my school days, I remember most of the kids of Childhood obesity a concernmy age struggling to put on weight. Our parents concern was we were under weight. In our class of 60 students we had 2 “Healthy” kids who used to be the anchors for our Tug-of-war teams. I hope you understand my point of view here. The ratio is not changing but I am afraid it’s become the exact reverse.


This industry has taught me much more than being just a responsible instructor. It has taught me that health is how you want it to be, for me when I was 13, A healthy diet was Rice with a spoon of Ghee, Dal, vegetable, one papad, (Being a south Indian rice was our staple cereal), A wholesome home cooked meal, As a 13 year old I also remember every evening being a fight with my mother for 15 minutes extra play time.


My only argument with the new generation moms are ” I hope you know what you are doing with you kids” They are the way they are all because of their lifestyle which includes what they eat, what time they eat, how much they eat, how much they burn it out. Yes they are growing children but, they don’t develop correctly if their lifestyles haven’t been supplemented with adequate activities to use the provided nourishment well.


13 year old obese girl.Conditions like PCOS, Thyroid Etc. doing seem new to the 13 year olds today. A visit to the gynec has become normal at the Age of 13, I remember when I was that age, I thought only those girls visited the gynec who accidently got Pregnant, you know what I mean. We didn’t know what PCOD was, not that it dint exist at that time it was so rare in adolescents that it was termed a disease. Today PCOD is termed as a lifestyle disorder and ever second 13 year old is on Hormonal or steroid injections or medications.


                                             Dear MOM’s,

how to get rid of childhood obesity
how to get rid of childhood obesity

You can avoid all this if you start taking care of you girl child from a young age, by providing adequate nourishment and supportive playtime or an activity that uses their energy. Kids have loads of energy, it like they are on a sugar high all the time. Encourage sport activities, dance activities, athletic activities to make sure you are channeling this excess energy in the right direction. Most importantly DONT express your love through Food. Express your love by taking your kid out on a trek instead.





Childhood obesity can affect the child in various ways health concern is just one. Imagine what happens on the emotional level with the kid. What happen to his or her self-image. His or her self-confidence, such kids grow very differently. Depression seemed to be something they talk about like its common cold or something.




My only purpose to like this blog was to pass on the simple message to the new age Moms, that observe the Growth and development of the child. Chubby babies are cute only for a year or two, post that focus on providing health food alternatives, healthy habits and an active lifestyle. the health of your child starts right from the first morsel of food he or she takes in, make sure it’s the best in health you can provide for your child this will only help “YOU” in the future by avoiding any obesity related issues for your child and thus call yourself “RESPONSIBLE PARENTS”


Happy Healthy Parenting…..

Swetha Jairam

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