Traditional Passion Yoga in Kemp’s Corner Mumbai


Traditional Passion Yoga in Kemp’s Corner Mumbai

Yoga is a union of body, mind and soul. The only way to transcend from whats outside to whats inside of you!!!

traditional yoga class at kemps corner mumbai
traditional yoga class at kemps corner mumbai


Yoga means union. When we build this union within the body, within the mind and between body and mind, we live in perfect peace and happiness no matter what. A peaceful mind radiates only good will and creates harmony. Yoga is the science of building harmony and overcoming disharmony in order to get on well with everything and everyone.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra introduces Traditional Yoga as a prominent blend of Asanas, Pranayama and meditation forming the 8 limbs of this form of Yoga. The aim of Traditional Yoga is to restore the understanding of the essential relationship between the different limbs of yoga and to present the knowledge in its original, whole, undiluted and practical form. Working with the branches of yoga in their entirety enables the practitioner to make rapid progress both physically and mentally. Thorough attention is given in developing good health, suppleness, strength and stamina.

About Yoga Instructor Smriti

Yoga Classes at kemps corner mumbai

Smriti has more than 4 years of Experience teaching Yoga in Mumbai. She Specializes in Yoga, Meditation, Healing,

Dance Therapy, Expression of Self, Yoga for Kids in Mumbai.

She has been a yoga teacher for Kids at Happy minds International Mumbai and Has trained Parents of Kids suffering from Cancer at St Jude India childcare center NGO Mumbai.





Smriti says ” I Intend to share my knowledge and experience with those who are inclined to grow spiritually.”


Important Message from Smiriti

Things to be kept in mind for the Yoga Session at Way of Life Studio Kemps Corner Mumbai

1. Loose clothes : track pants and t- shirt.
2. Meals : Tea – 1 and half hour before class,  breakfast 2 and half hours before class and lunch 3  and half hours  before class.
3. Open and receptive attitude without any expectations, surrendering yourself to the divine within you.
4. Absolute silence is required to get the most out of the sessions, we request that all mobile phones be on silent mode.
5. Prayers before and after the class to seek blessings from God that you believe in.


Classes are starting In January 2016. Email us Now to book your Spot Or Just fill up the form on our Contact Us Page and we will get back to you.



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