Belly Dance for Body Balance at Way Of Life Studio Mumbai

Shake your Belly to Balance your Mind and Body At Way Of Life Studio Mumbai Yoga talks about Mind-Body-Soul Balance, Pilates talks about Techniques to balance your body, but can balanced state of mind be achieved only through slow paced exercises? You would be amazed if I said Belly Dance could do that for you. How? When you see belly dancers performing, you are mind boggled, enchanted, and at the same time  curious to know how those perfectly shaped curves of the waist be in control and rhythm. Your Brain center controls your voluntary movements, so the main aspect here is conditioning your body as per your mind. Only when your mind and body are aligned and balanced, is when you see the magic of shimmies and belly thumkas on the floor. Our Belly Bolly Hop Instructor Kanchi Shah says “It needs a lot of practice and discipline to master the …

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What is Lifestyle Coaching?

What is Lifestyle Coaching? We always worry how we want to look today, or for a party tomorrow or for a wedding next month, but no one worries if they'll be able to do your small daily chores at the age of 40. So what is fitness after all? Is it the muscles you've made or is it your lifestyle? #wayoflifestudio #lifestylecoach #fitness #zumba #beatpump #dance

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