Heal-A-Way an Injury Management Class at Way Of Life Studio Kemps Corner

Heal-A-Wayheal your weak muscles at way of life studio kemps corner

An Injury Management Class 


Strengthen your Weak Joint Muscles, Injured Knees, Ankle, Back and more at Way Of Life Studio


strengthen your weak and injured knee at way of life studio kemps corner

Do you have a Knee injury of any form? Do you have pain in your Knee while performing squats or lunges or even walking up the staircase for that matter? Do you have an ankle or a back pain that just does not seem to get better?


Way Of Life Studio at Kemps Corner has something that will make you feel better. For the first time in the history of group classes, we bring to you a 1 hour session with a qualified physiotherapist who will make sure that your joints feel better, by doing certain Exercises that the regular Gym and Workouts Miss on.





Strength your Weak Muscles and Injured Knees, ankle, back and moreTraditional Gym or Workout Sessions concentrate on strengthening the big muscle groups, like the quadriceps, hamstrings etc. But there are smaller supporting muscles of the joints that need greater attention. This class basically is designed in a way where we incorporate various isometric exercises to activate the smaller but yet very important muscle groups, thus strengthening your joint to be capable enough to perform heavier exercises. Strengthening these muscles moves all the weight bearing capacity from your joint to your stronger muscles, thus relieving you off the pain and agony you experience. The Knee, Ankle and Back are most Susceptible to Injuries and thus strengthening them is the only way to avoid roadblocks to your day to day activities.





back pain cure at way of life studio kemps cornerEvery injury or pain is a different one, caused by one of many reasons, you can consult our Physiotherapist about special precautions to be taken for your specific case. This class is open to all age groups for all kinds of knee, back and ankle troubles, it is therapeutic based and the programme is developed under the guidance of a Physiotherapist.








WITH OUR HEAL-A-WAY Injury Management Class 

At Way Of Life Studio Kemps Corner

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