What is Lifestyle Coaching?

We always worry how we want to look today, or for a party tomorrow or for a wedding next month, but no one worries if they'll be able to do your small daily chores at the age of 40. So what is fitness after all? Is it the muscles you've made or is it your lifestyle?

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching… Everyone’s read that on my “About Me” page. Yes, I’m a Lifestyle Coach, ever wondered what that meant? Must be some kind of jargon, just to add another qualification to the list may be.. I’m going to take you through what lifestyle coaching is and how can this help you achieve your weight goals as well. And interestingly how this “jargon” helped me conceptualise my dream   “Way Of Life Studio”. So listen up.


What you are today is how you have lived your life in the past years. Do you agree? Let’s say for example, in school you were so much into sports, been a house sports captain, lead the march past squad.. Got into college through the sports quota, played for college, district level, etc. How do you think your body would be looking today? How many of you girls thought about this lean girl, probably tall, without a lot of curves, walking like a guy, in jeans all the time with a lose tee and her favorite sports shoes on all the time, no make up, oh let’s not forget that tan on her skin, a little muscular with awesome stamina and great fitness level. Call it stereotype or call it imagination, but its true your body shapes out to be how you treat it through the years. So what do you think lifestyle coaching is? And why did i say it helps you achieve your weight target? See a connection?

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So forget what’s gone by, you are what you are now, is your life over? No. You can change how you look and how you feel and your fitness levels starting today. How? That’s the secret called lifestyle coaching. Let’s give you a small eye opener to begin with.

Take a paper and a pen, chalk down what your regular day looks like. For example, your wake up time, the kind of stuff you do at home, what time you leave from home for work, mode of transport, job hours, travel back, back at home chores, sleep time and hours of sleep and let’s not forget your meal timings. Basically a rough outline of what your lifestyle looks like to you. How you live your day to day life is what forms your lifestyle. Now, roughly calculate how many hours in a day are you standing, sitting, walking, sleeping, or working out. If you’ve done this truthfully, you’ll be amazed at how many hours in a day we just sleep and sit and do absolutely nothing that we can call intense physical activity. How then are you expecting to call yourself fit if all you’re doing is one hour of gym, or any other activity. And the worse nightmare of them all, what if you skip gym, then what?

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So the idea here was to bring forth to you what you are turning out to be in future if you continue live the way you are. Consider another scenario where your day to day activities itself requires a lot if walking, climbing stairs, walking down to short distances in stead of taking a drive down. Changing tour sitting hours into standing hours etc. Do you think by doing all this your body will shape and look differently automatically? Without the need to join additional fitness activities?

By changing your day to day life from sedentary to active you end up changing how you’d look in future. Sit back and imagine. See for yourself living your current life day by day, and see how you’d look after 15 years. And now imagine yourself living an active lifestyle add walks lessen hours of sitting and then imagine living this kind of life day by day for 15 years and compare how you look with the previous image of yours. You see a difference? When i did this activity for myself for the first time (obviously at that time i was not a fitness trainer) in the first stage i saw myself old, sad, with skin folds and lot of aches and pains with bone problems and unable to dance (which is my passion) and it was heartbreaking. When i saw the second image of me, i looked a lot happier, younger, fit, able to groove to music at that age. And the biggest lessen learnt was how little things make such a huge difference.

We always worry how we want to look today, or for a party tomorrow or for a wedding next month, but no one worries if they’ll be able to do your small daily chores at the age of 40. So what is fitness after all? Is it the muscles you’ve made or is it your lifestyle?



swetha jairam lifestyle coach-way of life studio mumbaiThat’s how “Way Of Life” was born. My vision, that a fitness activity or rather let’s say, fitness in general should be your way of life and the things we offer to our clients here at “Way Of Life”, and most importantly the manner in which we deliver makes every individual feel terrible if they miss a class and feel great to be a part of it, thus making every individual perform a fitness activity everyday without a miss.

There’s obviously more to this blog about how lifestyle modifications can help you reach your weight goals, but if i write anymore my readers will be snoring. So watch out for the next one coming out soon.

You can comment and leave any questions write below in the comment section and I’ll be more than happy to guide you through. Until then “keep the little changes coming through”

By Swetha Jairam

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