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Why Vitamin C Boosts Immunity?

Why Vitamin C Boosts Immunity? Talking about the recent events of medical concern related to COVID-19, the need of the hour is to make sure you don’t contract the deadly virus OR, if you do, by any chance contract it, to have a healthy immune response so as to clear off the infection as soon as possible. Everyone would have also been told to have a regular dose of Vitamin C to help you fight the virus and keep your immunity high. Ever wondered why? Well this blog is an answer to all the questions you have about this important relationship between Vitamin C and Immunity. To begin with let’s first understand :What Is Immunity?Immunity does NOT mean that you will not contract the disease.. It means you can still get infected with the pathogen or the virus. BUT. Your body has the ability to resist a particular disease or …

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Eat Healthy to Loose Weight

Let's bust a myth here, being on a diet does not mean you shouldn't eat. There are counter actions that take place when one starves his or her own body. Let me take you through what happens exactly and why.

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You Are A Born Dancer

How many of us feel we have two left feet and can't dance to save our lives.. Well, here's an eye-opener for you !! YOU ARE A BORN DANCER !! FYI, We learn how to dance even before we learn how to utter our first word !!

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