How to Look 20 When you are 40

How to Look 20 When you are 40

 Oh gosh I feel bloated, Too much of work, I need a break ! These kids just do not let me breath for a while, I keep travelling, how am I gonna get time for anything, There are always guests coming, sorry I don’t have time.

Women Working Zumba

Have you been hearing these dialogues for a million times?

Women, are strong and multi-tasking and they are have no time for themselves. They always look after their loved ones and forget that it’s very important for them to take a break once in a while, so that they can recover from their stress and look better and have a healthy life for the later years.


Happy Mom and Kids with zumba

Women often do not prioritize themselves its always husband, kids, in-laws, friends, work and so many uncountable priorities and responsibilities that they carry on their shoulders. But along  with carrying so many responsibilities, women should make sure they have sometime to look good, to look young when are out for some get-to-gathers or parties and that’s where make-up comes in handy.



They hide all their wrinkles and acnes with the make up. But do you think make up will keep you 

mom-applying-makeuplooking young in the long run?  Nowadays, the trends of going under the knife has become very common. But we have to understand the fact that your body ages gracefully if you give it the right food, exercise and of course detox and water.

You must have seen women not discussing their age with anyone, it’s like an insult to them. Few women are very young but look old, few are old but look young. So what do we need to understand here? Do we blame this on our genes ?

Of course NOT ! Our Immunity decides how young we are supposed to look and not the number of birthdays. Give it the right kind of Nourishment and Exercise, and you are good to go with minimal make up. One of the best ways you could stay young and fit with ,comes with right exercise.

You could do Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Beat Pump, Kick-boxing, Martial Arts and other Fitness Activites that you love. Exercise boosts your immunity, improves your blood circulation and moreover it helps you tone the flabs.

ZUMBA FITNESS WITH ZIN SWETHA JAIRAM AT WAY OF LIFE STUDIO MUMBAIThe Best Fitness Activity could be Dancing, because it releases happy hormones (an essential hormone to make you feel good and lively – Ocytocin and Serotonin). Apart from it as we all know, dance is always fun as compared to slow paced exercises or boring workout routines. There is always a scope of new choreographies and fun steps to learn. Also it gives you an outlet to release all your stresses and worries of life. Therefore, lesser wrinkles 😉 and drink lots of water. If your capacity is 1-2 litres a day, make sure you increase it with few sips each day. Eat good amount of vegetables and fruits which will help you flush out toxins, thus giving you an angel glow 😉

Lastly, enjoy whatever you do. Be it your work, children, social relationships. Your happiness, your radiance will decide how young you are from inside.


Looking young from the outside is incomplete if you are not young from the inside.

Happy 20th Birthday to all lovely ladies out there, let’s start a new era of looking young and dynamic while ageing gracefully.

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