Eat Healthy to Loose Weight

Eat Healthy to Loose Weight


Eat Healthy to Loose Weight

I exercise thrice a week, I’m on a diet, I barely eat, but i still don’t lose weight!!!

I’ve heard this so often from my clients, being a part of the health industry myself.

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Let’s bust a myth here, being on a diet does not mean you shouldn’t eat. There are counter actions that take place when one starves his or her own body. Let me take you through what happens exactly and why.

If you have been doing nothing about your fitness and diet till date, and suddenly one fine day you cut your food intake drastically to call yourself on a diet, yes of course you’re gonna see a few pounds drop cause your intake has dropped down. This weight loss will be all of a sudden and drastic. After this phase you’ll plateau, you won’t see any reduction in weight. You’ll in fact after a while start gaining weight even though you BARELY EAT !! You can do anything after that, add activities, take pills, you name it, it will not show the results it’s supposed to. In fact you will start feeling tired, lethargic, fatigued etc.

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Why do you think this happens? All this is simply explained by the term BMR. BMR as everyone knows stands for Basal Metabolic Rate, which is nothing but the amount of calories or energy your body uses, when it’s doing absolutely NOTHING. Now why are these 3 letters so important in fitness and weight loss. It’s very simple in fact, In order to lose weight an individual cannot commit for more than an hour a day or on alternative days towards fitness activities. Which utilises say about 300-800 calories on an average, what about the other 2000 + calories we’ve consumed in the day? and let’s not count the calories of the party we went to last night.. Wouldn’t it be easier to lose weight if your body starts consuming more number of calories for doing just NOTHING?

So by increasing your BMR you raise your calorie consumption while you’re not even exercising.

Also let’s understand another key aspect. While performing a fitness activity, your metabolic rate goes above your BMR, now that’s a natural phenomenon as all your muscles are doing work hence require energy. So logically if your BMR is high then while you work out your metabolic rate goes even higher, this of course is directly related to calorie consumption.

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So what happens when you go on a drastic diet? Why do you lose weight all of a sudden and then stop no matter what you do? This happens simply because when you starve your body for hours your body doesn’t have enough fuel to run it’s basic processes when at rest, so, as its a world for the “survival of the fittest” as a natural process it starts lowering your BMR so that your body naturally uses lesser calories for your basic processes and starts saving up fuel for bigger activities. Lowering your BMR means lesser calorie consumption when your body is at rest and even if you add an activity in such a case you will on the contrary feel fatigued and tired and unable to perform it well to show any results on you.

So the key to fithealthy_eating-at way-of-life-studioness and weight loss is to eat SMALL FREQUENT and HEALTHY meals. The question popping up now is ok, i understand we shouldn’t starve, but why eat more frequently? Doesn’t that pile on pounds? So I’ve mentioned that the frequent meals must be healthy, of course. You can’t eat a pastry every two hours and expect to lose weight right? So the reason why we say frequent meals or eat every two hours, is so that when your body is at rest or doing nothing it’s still consuming calories because it’s digesting something or the other, that gives the body more work to do at rest. Secondly, and this of course i think is one of the major reasons in weight loss is, that, by consuming little healthy things throughout the day, you reduce the quantity of your big meals. For example if normally you consume 3 rotis and a vegetable with a rice dish for lunch, by adding frequent meals you’ll bring that down to 2 rotis with vegetable and salad. As when we eat our main meals we forget that we go overboard with calories cause we eat to satiate ourselves, which in fact if you haven’t eaten for over 4 hrs you’re as we calldog hungry, and I’m sure no one’s counted calories while you’re unexplainably hungry.

So while most of us think that by zipping your lips to food will be the solution to all weight related problems, we now have the truth behind this myth. Your answer now should be Small Frequent Healthy Meals – Your new weight loss mantra.

Happy Eating 🙂

By Swetha Jairam

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