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Become an Instructor - Become a Fitness Instructor in Mumbai at Way of Life Dance and Fitness Studio, Kemps Corner Mumbai. Way of Life is looking to hire dance and fitness instructors. Interested candidates can get in touch with us at 9004348031.

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We at Way of Life Dance and Fitness Studio aim to make fitness a Way of Life in everybody’s lives. We wish to change a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle and help people achieve their health goals.

If you want to become an instructor, you first need to determine if this career path is a good fit for you. You must have a natural passion for exercise and fitness. You should be confident and should enjoy motivating others. Become a fitness instructor in Mumbai.



 Basic knowledge : A thorough understanding of how the body moves and functions. You need not have a science or biology academic background for that. But basic knowledge of human anatomy, injury risks.


Communication : Characteristics that help clients to succeed will include a willingness to assist and respond appropriately to client needs. Instructors must also be careful to oversee and communicate the principles of the training program in a manner that is safe to the client.


 Commitment : Commitment to the program that is designed to realize both a long term and short term set of goals. If the program is not going as expected, the instructor must restructure the program in order to suit the needs and ability of the client that they are training.


 Energy : Having an energetic personality is an important characteristic in order to help see a client through his or her training program. Even after teaching several hours in one day, and perhaps traveling to meet with several different clients in that day; an instructor must try to be energetic and motivated, otherwise clients will not be so either.


 Positive : As an Instructor, people look up to you for motivation and your kind words and concern for them would speak all. You become a role model for your clients once they gain the trust, your positivity will be passed among each one of them.



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The process of becoming an Instructor is not an easy one and also keeping up to the expectations is a challenge. But be it any workplace, as a worker our job is to provide 100 % to our clients, motivate them and gain their trust. That comes with a lot of discipline and hardwork, here’s what we expect from an Instructor !


Fit and Active : Clients look up to their trainers and instructors for inspiration. Being an Instructor means being a leader of a group. People will look forward to solve their problems with your help and you become the apple of their eyes. Staying Active will help your clients to follow the same.


Motivated : After a stressed day at workplace, people look forward to meet other people who pass their energy to them. You being an Instructor is one of those people that will charge up your client’s mood.


Creative : Creativity at any work is appreciated. Being creative at your workouts enables the clients to try out new things in the class and have fun.


Smooth Talker : Being the leader you are expected to be a charmer as well as a clown. Your charm is the key that unlocks your clients from their shyness. Making jokes and keep everybody happy should be one of your characteristics.


Well Mannered and Sporty : At workplace we all have to follow some rules irrespective of our inherited nature. Being sporty and well mannered at your working environment helps you to grow and learn more.

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