Zumba workshop for Campus Princess with ZIN Swetha Jairam

Zumba Fitness Workshop for Campus Princess with ZIN Swetha Jairam

A Group of Beautiful young girls, making their way to the glamour industry got a taste of Zumba Fitness with ZIN Swetha Jairam, One of the best ZUMBA INSTRUCTORS In Mumbai. Almost all the girls were trying this activity for the first time and seemed overly enthusiastic for what was to come.The session started with a small introduction about the activity so the girls were prepared.

The Girls showed great participation and an amazing level of energy. They joined in with some hooting and screaming, enjoying every bit of what they were doing. The music and choreography was powerful and energetic burning much needed calories of the previous evening party. All in all the workshop was a great sucess with loads of positive energy and happiness flowing through each and everyone of them.

We concluded the session with a much needed photography session posing like rock stars, to add to the long list of great memories watch the video for the sneak peek of the day and to hear what the participants had to say about their experience


Swetha Jairam Conducts her Zumba Classes at Way Of Life Studio. to Zumba with ZIN Swetha Jairam Click Here 





Zumba workshop for Campus Princess with ZIN Swetha Jairam
Campus Princess mumbai,Mumbai
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