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Way of Life (Live, Love, Lifestyle) is a Dance and Fitness Studio in Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai. Way of Life Dance and Fitness Studio is the brainchild of Swetha Jairam. The phrase “Way of Life” conveys a message that it’s the way we live our life, that determines our physical and psychological existence. Swetha’s constant efforts to bring a healthy lifestyle shift in her clients served a fuel to ignite “Way of Life”.

Having 8 yrs of experience in the fitness industry, being a lifestyle coach and a fitness instructor, Swetha has always believed it is the Quality of Life, the Love for oneself and others and the Way of Lifestyle; the three major determinants of our overall health that will affect every aspect of our existence

Having a 9 to 5 job, sleeping and eating is very easy to follow but following a disciplined lifestyle is one heck of a job. Often it’s said that disciplined lifestyle keeps you in good health and shape but they are claimed to be boring. But what if you have an option where you can have a disciplined lifestyle with a dash of fun added? Sounds exciting, right? That is what “Way of Life” is all about. Being in good shape and good state of mind isn’t boring anymore, when you have some dance, music, peace and body toning.

We at Way of Life always wish to see you grow, learn, help and be happy. Our mission is to see you smile while walking out of a fantastic workout class. With One-of-a-kind ambience, customized music for classes, qualified, efficient and helping instructors at one place, we are sure you won’t miss out on anything.

“Way of Life” is one of the fitness studios in Mumbai but also the only one to provide you with genuine results, genuine instructors and genuine smile for your health goals.

We warm heartedly invite you to this fitness temple and have an experience.


By Swetha Jairam

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