Zumba Step Classes At Kemps Corner Mumbai

Zumba Step Classes At Kemps Corner Mumbai


Way Of Life Studio brings You The Best Zumba Step Classes At Kemps Corner Mumbai – A Dance Fitness Concept for Zumba Fitness USA that targets on improving your Cardiovascular Health and Strengthen and Tone Your Lower Body. Hop In for a Free Trial at The Best Zumba Step Classes At Kemps Corner Mumbai with the Best and Mumbai’s first ever authentic Zumba Instructor Swetha Jairam.





Zumba® Step is an incredible lower body workout, which tones and strengthens glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines and step aerobics. Using hypnotic Latin and International rhythms to create maximum results without losing the easy-to-follow fitness-party!


Zumba Step Classes At Kemps Corner Mumbai

Alberto Perlman, CEO and co-founder of Zumba, the largest dance-fitness company in the world with a fan base of 15 million says, “I’ve seen steps stacked in the corner collecting dust in health clubs all over the world..and we’re now going to put them to use like never before. With Zumba Step, we’ve revolutionised an exercise classic that helped shape the fitness industry. With our own Zumba spin, we’ve made the programme incredibly easy to follow and effective, especially on the lower-body – it’s true fitness without sacrifice.”

Not only does the class incorporate a gravity-defying blend of Zumba. As an added bonus, you will reap sculpting benefits from the step, which is utilised as an exercise tool for an intense lower-body workout. This new programme encourages you to use more energy to lift your body weight against the step, while keeping the beat to the easy dance moves.

How does a Zumba Step Class Look Like?



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Zumba Step Classes In Mumbai
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Zumba Step Classes In Mumbai
Way of Life Studio introduces Zumba Step Classes at Kemps Corner Mumbai conducted by ZIN Swetha Jairam. A new concept by Zumba Fitness USA to help you achieve Cardiovascular benefits of Exercise as well as shed flabs. An Exercise that has it all.
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