Why should kids do bharatnatyam?

Kids these days are hardly participating in co-curricular activities due to school assignments and projects. It's very essential for them to indulge in physical activities which will keep their immune system strong and will also give them some fun. Bharatnatyam is among those activities. Let's take a look !

Bharatanatyam is the combination of three elements Nritta, Nritya and Natya. Nritta highlights body movements and rhythm. Nritya gives emphasis to dance postures and body movements. Natya gives importance to drama and poems. Done with complete concentration the dance form is as good as yoga. Read on to get a closer look at the countless health benefits it offers.

Improves balance

Improves Balance

Like many other Indian dance forms Bharatanatyam too has different postures and poses. A performer needs to elegantly maintain balance throughout the performance. The different body movements called Karanas are beneficial to improve balance. While performing Karana a performer needs to stay in one posture for a few seconds. The posture can be compared to standing on one foot for few seconds without losing balance.

Improves flexibility

Bharatanatyam is associated with facial expressions and non verbal communication. In this dance form hand gestures and facial expressions are used to communicate and express feelings. Sometimes even props are used to add to the visual element. Various Mudras (symbols and positions) formulate the dance form. The Mudras work out various body parts and improve flexibility.

Improves stamina

Bharatanatyam movements make use of various muscles tissues. Few hours of practice can give you a good exercise and improve your stamina. Practicing Bharatanatyam boosts endurance. Moving all limbs together at the same time, while the eyes follow whatever the hands do, requires a lot of stamina. Getting a single step perfectly correct slowly can take time but it builds stamina.

Increases aerobics fitness

Practicing Bharatanatyam can give you all the benefits that you get by doing aerobics. Dancing is good for your overall physical fitness. The rapid body movements in this dance form boosts blood circulation thus helping you live a long and healthy life.

Improves concentration

Bharatanatyam makes the body and even the mind agile. For any dancer it is very important to remember the Mudras, Hastas and Karnas to perform the dance well. A performer needs to remember steps, names of the various steps, different moves, the beats and rhythm of the song. With all this a dancer has to pay attention if the body movements are in sync. This hones the mental skills and builds mental alertness.

Healthy heart

Dance and fitness always go hand in hand. Not only Bharatanatyam but any form of dance is beneficial for the heart. Dancing boosts blood circulation, pumps blood faster and gets you closer to a healthy heart.

Builds endurance

Every student of Bharatanatyam understands the value of practice. With the lessons of Bharatanatyam comes a very important lesson of life that ‘Practice makes a man Perfect’. It is only regular dance practice that helps a student rise to a higher degree of performance. This builds endurance in a person and makes him ready to pursue perfection. This can even translate to an everyday life value. Whether, it is making an egg, achieving better grades or making a presentation, getting better becomes a habit.

Controls weight

Dance forms like Bharatanatyam makes muscles active. A good performance of Bharatanatyam requires good practice. Practicing dance regularly helps lose and control weight. The complex movements, jumps and taut hand gestures use energy. So while you may be focused in getting a particular step right you are burning calories and controlling weight.

Healthy and glowing skin

A Bharatanatyam performer uses his eyebrows, eyes, neck and lips to convey an expression. Bharatanatyam performer put forward different expressions such as happiness, anger, surprise, sadness, jealousy and love. The constant movement of facial muscles makes facial tissues strong thus improving the complexion. Regular Bharatanatyam performers have glowing and healthy skin. They even have graceful eyes. The movements of eyes strengthen the eye muscles which in turn makes vision clear and healthy.

So why should kids do bharatnatyam ? Well, the answers are right above. It’s the perfect activity your kids will enjoy.

Our very own Swetha Jairam is a Bharatanatyam Dancer since the age of 4. Ask her about Bharatnatyam and she just can’t stop smiling and praising about how practising Bharatanatyam has changed her life. Here’s what she has to say

“The importance Bharatanatyam has in my life is just undefinable. Learning bharatanatyam under my mentor, Guru K. Kalyanasundaram has taught me so much. Being respectful, grateful, graceful, confident and many more things. It’s not just about being flexible, graceful and learning this ancient practice but it also teaches you to appreciate things that you have in life and sometimes it’s really heartwarming to perform and have a divine experience.”


So it’s not just your health that benefits but it brings you closer to the divine and yourself.



By Swetha Jairam

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